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Female feet as victims of cultural stereotypes: 5 traditions of different cultures

Women’s feet are often seen as victims of cultural stereotypes in different cultures worldwide. For example, in some cultures, women’s feet are expected to be covered at all times, while in others, they are considered sexually explicit and must be hidden away. Here are five traditions from different cultures that hurt female feet.

Thick thighs as the standard of beauty

In Arab, Middle Eastern, and even many African countries, full hips are considered the standard of female beauty. Remember what the hips of oriental beauties look like when they perform belly dance. The East will always leave space for women’s hips! But do not forget that such fullness can lead to many diseases. First of all, it hits the vessels.

Ilizarov apparatus for lengthening the legs of models

At the end of the 20th century, catwalk models broke their legs to make them longer. It sounds creepy, but it is true. Recovery from this takes a very long time and is very difficult. At first, you will have to lie down almost all the time. Then, you will have to learn to walk again within a year. First, you will use crutches, and then you won’t need them anymore. In the 21st century, models don’t have to have long legs to walk on the catwalk. The Institute of universal photo models is more popular now.

Foot bandaging in China

There are people in China who still have their feet bound. It was a tradition that if a girl’s feet were less than 7 centimeters long, it was called the golden lotus. The silver lotus if the feet were up to 10 centimeters, and the iron lotus if the feet were over 10 centimeters. In the past, only girls with a certain kind of foot were able to get married. For this kind of foot, girls had to wear their legs in a cotton “cast” for three years. It made their fingers bend the right way and their shoes pointy. The “cast” got tighter and tighter over time, and their bones broke multiple times. In the end, they had a high instep so that a chicken egg could fit between their heel and forefoot.

High heels

The long-term wearing of such high-heeled shoes in the future may result in constant pain or even the need for surgical treatment. In addition, over time, bursitis of the big toe and other foot bones may develop. Other complications due to long-term wearing of high heels: include a bump, ankle injuries, and fracture of the femoral neck.

foot bandaging

Clubfoot gait in Japan

It is good manners to walk with your toes pointed inward in Japan. It is also okay to shuffle your feet a little while walking. In Japan, people think it is very pretty to walk with your toes pointed inward and your feet sort of waddling. Walking with your toes pointing forward or to the side is considered rude. Even Japanese men who want to be in the cultural trend go with their toes inward. It means that deliberate clubfoot is cultivated in Japan, even in the 21st century. Clubfoot can cause problems like muscle weakness, knee joint problems, and curvature of the spine. A neglected form can cause disability.

Nowadays, female feet are not seen as victims of cultural stereotypes to the same extent as they were in the past. However, there are still some traditions that can hurt female feet. If you are considering any of these traditions for yourself, consult with a medical professional first to ensure they are safe for you.