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most popular fashion myths

Fashion myths ridiculed by fashion stylists and designers

Fashion is an ever-changing industry, and with that comes a lot of myths. For example, some people believe that certain fashion choices are always in style, while others think certain styles will never come back. However, there are a few fashion myths that stylists and designers alike have debunked. Here are some of the most popular fashion myths and why you shouldn’t believe them!

You can not combine gold and silver in one image

If in the past it was considered bad manners to mix gold and silver, now designers don’t care about that rule. Recently, they have been using a combination of these metals more and more in their collections, not just for accessories but also for clothes. If you look in a jewelry store, you can find jewelry made from both gold and silver. The most important thing is choosing items in the same style and ensuring they match the rest of your outfit.

You can combine no more than three colors in one set

In the past, having several different textures, colors, and prints in one image was considered bad taste. But now, if you look at the models who present new designer collections on the catwalk, you’ll see that bad taste has become trendy. As a result, fashion gurus are now competing to see who can combine incongruous patterns and colors more effectively without being afraid of disharmony.

If you are unsure of your taste or think it might be hard to use several different colors together, follow this principle: use one bright piece with several neutral pieces.

Black and blue don’t go well together

Some people think black and blue look too sad when worn together. But actually, these colors look perfect together. They create a look that is sophisticated and noble. This combination is great for business clothes: a dark blue dress + black bag, shoes, and belt, or a blue pantsuit with a black blouse.

A beautiful thing must be expensive

The price is not always the same as the quality. Just because an item is more expensive does not mean it is better quality. And sometimes you can find good quality items for lower prices. So when you want to buy something, don’t just look at the price tag. Instead, look at how it looks and what it is made out of.

The woman looks more feminine in heels

Nobody argues that heels can make your legs look slimmer and your image more feminine. However, shoes are not a cure-all for all problems. There are many other ways to look elegant. For example, open shoulders, high hair, bright lipstick, sheath dress. Even regular jeans combined with a jacket can freshen up the look in seconds. According to the figure, it is also worth remembering about gait, posture, and clothes – a solid image can only be created considering all the nuances.

Glitter – for evening wear only

In the past, only evening dresses had shiny things like sequins on them. But now people are wearing clothes with sequins during the day too. So you don’t have to worry that you will look too festive if you wear something with sequins during the day. Some people think clothes with glitter and shine are a good way to be different from everyone else. They think it will also help them attract attention and make their outfit more fashionable. But it is important not to overdo it by adding too many shiny things to your outfit, or you will look like a Christmas tree. When putting together an outfit with one shining element, ensure the rest of the clothes are simple and neutral-colored. Clothes like a white shirt, jeans, or a classic trench coat work well for this purpose.