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Myths about the plus-size wardrobe that have not been relevant for a long time

If you’re a plus-size woman, chances are you’ve been told at some point that certain styles or colors are “off limits” to you. But the truth is, those so-called fashion rules are outdated and no longer apply. So here are four myths about dressing as a plus-size woman that you can finally forget about!

Only black things

Dark clothing items can help you look thinner, but black is a tricky color. It can make you look good or bad depending on your clothing style. Therefore, an image that is only black clothes does not always help full girls. It is best to mix black with other colors. For example, you can wear dark pants, a bright shirt, or a light dress and a black cardigan. Even if you wear a black evening dress, add some color to your shoes or accessories.

You can not buy clothes with a large print

Some girls think that only skinny people can wear clothes with a large print. But this is not true! Many fashionable clothes have large patterns. Wearing a piece of clothing with a large pattern can make you look thinner. So don’t be afraid to try something new!

Please remember: The print size should be selected based on your proportions. It means that if you are a large person, you should select a giant ornament. But it is also important not to choose an ornament that is too big. If the ornament is too big, it will make you look even larger.

Bulky clothing hides figure flaws

Some people think you should wear baggy clothes and hide problem areas if you want to look thinner. But wearing baggy clothes makes you look bigger than you are. The same goes for clothes with a lot of folds and draperies. They make you look bigger instead of hiding your weight. Choose clothes that make you look good. For example, if you have skinny legs, wear pants that show them off. But then you need to wear a bigger top to balance it out. Remember: the clothes should not be too tight. They should fit well and make you look good.

The wardrobe should not be bright colors

Bright colors make people feel happy, inspired, and optimistic. So if you like a red dress or a blouse with a cool print, go for it! Don’t wear more than four colors at once, or you’ll look like a rainbow. It is essential for girls of any size.

Fashion nowadays is very flexible. You can wear whatever you want as long as you feel good in it. You can get inspiration from celebrities or your friends. The most important thing is to be confident and to wear clothes that make you feel happy.